Runescape: A comparative look at third-party clients

Before I get into it, let me just say that this is all based on my own personal experience and is to be taken with a grain of salt; your mileage may vary.

So, as someone that’s been playing Runescape since about 2005, I have a deep-seated loved for the game and I follow it’s progression pretty closely. As of the past two years or so, I’ve seen a lot of third-party clients appear for the Old School Runescape version, and after much skepticism, I’ve finally decided to sit down and really give them a try.

Now, I think it’s important to mention that I have used a third-party client before, but for… less-than-legal reasons. This time around, it’s purely legal shit and I’m only checking out features that improve user experience. Also important to note that these are NOT in any particular order, just the order that I tried them (and subsequently wrote my impressions on). On to the content!


OSBuddy is by far one of the most popular third-party clients for Runescape. Frequently updated and with a slew of features (far too many to list), this is probably the first one many people stumble on to. Right off the bat, you’re shown that there are two versions of OSBuddy: a free model, and a subscription model, with a lot of features locked behind said paywall. However, it seems that those features in the “Pro” version mainly benefit those with a Runescape membership, so free-to-play users aren’t really missing anything essential by using the free version of the client. I will say that the subscription for this client is fairly cheap (£2.50 monthly) considering all it unlocks, but I think it’s value will differ for each user and what they’re wanting to get out of using a third-party client.

Performance-wise, OSBuddy seems to draw a bit more memory than I expected, but if you’re running anything above a low-tier laptop, it should be absolutely fine. I haven’t noticed any lag or unresponsiveness within the client, and the automatic updates are almost seamless.

Overall, I’d recommend OSBuddy to anyone wanting a basic improvement to their Runescape experience, and OSBuddy Pro to someone looking for the ultimate assistant to their grindfest.


RuneLite is another very popular third-party client, and one that received a bit of attention for being open-source (meaning anyone can copy/”fork” the code and do what they want with it). RuneLite is packed with features that help new and veteran players alike. What I like most about this client however, is the amount of help guides and content given by the developer(s). Their wiki is chock-full of information, and it’s formatted in a way that anyone can navigate it with ease.

This client easily outshines the competition when it comes to performance, in my opinion. Upon clicking the shortcut, it immediately opened and loaded completely within seconds. Animations are extremely fluid and I truly felt like there wasn’t any difference speed-wise between this client and the official OSRS one.

RuneLite is completely free and features two different API’s for developers to use. I’d gladly recommend this client to all players, new or old.


Konduit is yet another third-party client available to users. From the get-go, it appears that this client isn’t updated as often as the other two above, but it does have a dedicated team behind it and they seem to be very passionate about delivering a quality product. Their feature list seems to fit between OSBuddy’s free and pro versions, offering quite a few tools for players to utilize, with more being added with each update.

Konduit runs very smoothly on my system and I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary; however, I will say that it felt just a tiny bit more sluggish than RuneLite, but it’s negligible.

Konduit is absolutely free to use. I would recommend this client for those who want a decent alternative to OSB or RL.

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