PHPBB 2.0.x Downloads

This is a list of downloads for the popular-but-outdated bulletin board system, PHPBB 2.0.x. Please note that everything listed below is provided as-is; no support will be offered for any of the downloads. If there are any invalid links, please send me an email.

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══════════ ! ══════════

This EasyMod-compatible package contains fixes for the last remaining bugs and vulnerabilities left in PHPBB 2.0.23. It is important to note that this is NOT the full bulletin board suite; it is only a collection of bug fixes that you should install to help secure your board.

══════════ # ══════════

Changes your registration page to allow only 13 and older to register,  negating the need for a COPPA agreement. When a user clicks ‘I Agree to these terms and am under 13 years of age’ they receive a polite error message and are re-directed to another web site after 10 seconds. Also removes the ‘COPPA Settings’ section from the board configuration CP.
This MOD will add options in the ACP to set the redirect website, delay, and message.
This MOD upgrades the PM ‘box_size_notice’ (originally displaying a 2D bar showing how much space in % of the Inbox / Sentbox / Savebox has been used) to the same 3D bar used to display poll results.
Forces a blank character in a string with 50 characters in a message. Against extremely long words that forces horizontal scrolling thus destroying the design.
Extends the amount of time users are listed online from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

══════════ A ══════════

This MOD fixes the abnormal posts widening when a large image is included in a message.
Adds a site announcement box to the top of your forums that can be edited easily in the admin panel. You can preview it before posting and BBCode and smilies are supported. Latest or First post of either a forum or topic can be chosen for announcements as well. Admin can choose who should see the Site Announcements (All, Registered, Mods, Admin only). Separate announcements for guests only can be shown.
Allows quick registration of new users to the board from within the ACP.
Allows actions to be taken on posts.
Only displays active members.
Shows the number of active users in the board statistics.
If HTML is disabled in the ACP, all HTML boxes will be hidden.
Adds fields for First Name and Last Name to the users profile, so that their name can be seen in their profile, it also has an ACP to select which fields should be displayed in the users profile and if they are required fields.
This MOD will add buttons to make a topic an announcement or stick next to the moderator buttons at the bottom of the ViewTopic page. There is also a button to make the topic normal if it is stickied or an announcement already.
Adds a link to the Forum Index in the header. Handy for boards with a portal installed.
Adds a “moderate” button if the user is a forum moderator and is viewing that forum or a topic within that forum.
This MOD allows the admin to select more than one special rank for each user. The ranks selected will be shown in the profile, on each topic and in the memberlist. This MOD also allows to have a Staff and Online View in Memberlist (using Sort function). Usernames in Memberlist are colored respecting to their level.
Adds the number of a private message to the PM page, just beside the subject line of the PM.
Adds a “XING profile” button to the user’s profile.
This MOD will let you change the compression level of Gzip output on your forum. This is helpful if you are on a slower host. By reducing the compression level, your site may be a little faster.
Allows administrators to change the entire board’s width by changing a value in the ACP!
This MOD adds a field on the Admin Panel Configuration page which allows you to define the SMTP port.
This MOD allows you to disable the flood control or set it with different values for Administrators, Moderators, and Registered Users.

Adds a link to the phpbbguides in the Admin Control Panel and on the bottom of every page when an admin is logged in.

NOTE: I’m adding this mod here but it’s largely unnecessary unless you just want an extra link to the phpBB support section.
Allows admin to add links in the ACP. Clicking on the link will redirect the user to that page. These links will only be viewable to the administrator(s) in the ACP.
This MOD lets you view all of your members and various information about them in the Admin Control Panel. From the list, you can perform various actions on multiple users.
This add-on makes it so you can see the IP address that the person registered with in the Admin Userlist mod.

NOTE: Requires both Admin Userlist & Log IP Address on Registration mods.

Adds a fourth option for administrating how new users register. The existing three options were to:

  1. immediately activate all new accounts (automatic activation),
  2. require that users validate their e-mail addresses (self validation), or
  3. require an admin to activate the account (admin activation).

This MOD allows the administrator to specify a “safe” e-mail domain, list of e-mail addresses (separated by one comma and one space), or both (list of domains and addresses) from which all new users are allowed to self-validate (option 2), while anyone not registering with this as their e-mail address must be validated by an administrator for safety (option 3). This fourth option basically combines the second and third option – it just screens the candidates in the process.
This mod will insert BBCode accurately into a post (at the current position) instead of putting it at the bottom.

══════════ B ══════════

══════════ C ══════════

══════════ D ══════════

══════════ E ══════════

══════════ F ══════════

══════════ G ══════════

══════════ H ══════════

══════════ I ══════════

══════════ J ══════════

══════════ K ══════════

══════════ L ══════════

This MOD will add a link to the “Edit user” / “Edit permissions” in the ACP, so you can easily switch between the two.

══════════ M ══════════

══════════ N ══════════

Adds dynamic avatars to your forums!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: I’ve bumped this to 1.3.1a as I’ve made a few changes to the install.txt and nulavatar_install.php files. It should now work flawlessly with EasyMod and update your sql database without any errors. -Autus)

══════════ O ══════════

══════════ P ══════════

══════════ Q ══════════

══════════ R ══════════

══════════ S ══════════

══════════ T ══════════

══════════ U ══════════

══════════ V ══════════

Adds View Next/Previous links at bottom of page of posts.
Extends ‘Who Is Online’ to show last 15 minutes.

══════════ W ══════════

══════════ X ══════════

══════════ Y ══════════

══════════ Z ══════════