Untitled 4

Version: 0.0.3
Last Update: 20190121
About: Untitled 4 is a proof-of-concept text adventure game created in the Twine 2 engine. It’s extremely basic right now and not really worth checking out.

0.0.3 / 1-21-2019

Added a first pass at a map system. right now it’s a 14×14 room. Going east increases the X position by 1, west decreases by 1, going south increases the Y position by 1 and North decreases by 1. Starting position is (1,1).

0.0.2 / 1-21-2019

Started adding character customization using variables. Current variables allowed:

– PlayerName
– PlayerGender

0.0.1a / 1-18-2019

Initial game creation. Tested embed to ensure fit it a decent size.