List of Awesome Sites

This is a non-exhaustive list of websites I’ve found to either be useful or just plain awesome. Some are stores, some are tools, some are artist pages, some are games, but all of them are at the very least unique. I’ll do my best to organize them.

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A pretty incredible pixel artist with some awesome color palettes.

Twitter | Tumblr


Cyberpunk/scifi artist & animator

DeviantArt | Twitter | Patreon

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Peria Chronicles

A fantasy MMO currently in development by Nexon, the company that developed MapleStory 2. A release date has not been mentioned as of yet.

Official Website (Korean) | Peria Chronicles Fansite | Peria Chronicles Subreddit



Identity is an MMO designed to provide an online community in which everyone has a job to do, from law enforcement to food preparation, retail sales to home movers. Currently in development by Asylum Entertainment.

Official Website