Sites I’m working on..

Dekoryn is an avatar community I’ve been working on for some time. It initially started out as my attempt to create a second Gaia Online, and was originally called Inertia Online. It was built with PHPBB2, and featured an all-black and green theme that looked absolutely hideous. But, Interia was my baby and I loved it. It never went anywhere and eventually I quit working on it. A few years later, I reopened the Inertia Online project, but quickly changed it’s name to Dekoryn because the _____ Online format was very, very overused. Dekoryn has always sported a darker theme than other communities, and I think that’s cool. I love the night and I think it represents what Dekoryn is today; a city of eternal darkness, contrasted by neon light and wonders around every corner. Anyways, the site isn’t open and probably won’t be for a long while, but you can click on the picture if you want.